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Our Pastor

The Reverend M. DeWayne Mack is a native Washingtonian, District of Columbia, where his grandparents reared him. He accepted Christ as Lord and Savior at an early age. Reverend Mack is a licensed and ordained minister in the Baptist Church.

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Cherry Grove Church

What We Believe

As a Missionary Baptist Church, we believe and adhere to the following Baptist distinctive:

The Bible

The Bible is the final authority for faith and practice.


Salvation is by grace through faith in Christ alone.


Baptism is the voluntary immersion of a believer in Christ to symbolically show what Christ has done for him.

The Lord’s Supper

The Lord’s Supper is symbolic only.


The Church should be composed of only professed believers who have been scripturally baptized.

The Church

Each Church is self-governing and democratic under the command of its head, Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

The mission of Cherry Grove Missionary Baptist Church (TEAM Cherry Grove) is to make known the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to share His Salvation to all souls, to embody His love (Agape), to promote Christian Education and understanding, to live by high moral principles and to spread Christian truths by precept and example. Taking a holistic approach to our ministries and ministering to the total person. We shall remain relevant by tweaking our methods, but remaining true to the Gospel message – by preaching, teaching, evangelism, media, outreach missions, and instructive agencies. (St. John 13:34-35; St. Matthew 28:19-20)

Church History

According to the official minutes of Swift Creek Baptist Church, on September 25, 1869, seventeen colored members requested permission to be dismissed from Swift Creek Baptist Church to form or organize a church of their own. On motion this request was granted. The founders of the new church were: Brothers: Henry Goodson, Peter Goodson, John Goodson, Benjamin Kirven, and Benjamin Hudson, along with Sisters: Harriet Parrott, Phyliss Goodson, Susan Goodson, Willey Hudson, Viola Leevy, Lucy Goodson, Lucy Blackman, Rachael Kirven, Ginne Hudson, Candice Isaac, Arey Bruce, and Matilda Bradley. Thus the Swift Creek-Cherry Grove Baptist Church (black) was started.

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