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Cherry Grove Church

Founded in 1869

According to the official minutes of Swift Creek Baptist Church, on September 25, 1869, seventeen colored members requested permission to be dismissed from Swift Creek Baptist Church to form or organize a church of their own. On motion this request was granted. The founders of the new church were: Brothers: Henry Goodson, Peter Goodson, John Goodson, Benjamin Kirven, and Benjamin Hudson, along with Sisters: Harriet Parrott, Phyliss Goodson, Susan Goodson, Willey Hudson, Viola Leevy, Lucy Goodson, Lucy Blackman, Rachael Kirven, Ginne Hudson, Candice Isaac, Arey Bruce, and Matilda Bradley. Thus the Swift Creek-Cherry Grove Baptist Church (black) was started.

Establishing the Church

The Reverend Billy Beck aided them in organizing and establishing the new church and served as the first pastor. This church was still a part of the white Swift Creek Church and was called Swift Creek-Cherry Grove Baptist Church (colored).
In 1882 this church became Cherry Grove Baptist Church, dropping Swift Creek from the name. After having outgrown meeting from house to house, they began to meet under a Bush (grape) Arbor.
During the years that followed, the following persons served as pastor: Reverends J. H. Smith, C. E Alexander, E. D. Lang, W M Howard, H D Dupree and Dr. E. B. Burroughs who retired in December, 2018. The current pastor is Reverend M.D. Mack.

Some deacons that served during this time were Clayton Berry, John Goodson, Friday Lewis, Mackie Mack, Reading Harrison, Theodore Johnson, Joe Scott, Charles Williams, Lawrence Black, D. C. Richardson, Robert Goodson, Jack Berry,

 Frank Rhodes, B. R. Richardson, L. C. McLendon, Otis Goodson, B. M. Murray, George Goodson, Brockington Lunn, Walter Hudson, Jasper Gardner, Tom Davis, Wallace Muldrow, George Rouse, Sr.,Lee Henderson, Roosevelt Davis, Purvis Richardson, Jesse Abraham, Brodus Muldrow, Carl McLendon, Laverne Wingate, Roosevelt Goodson, Sr., Abraham Rouse, Sr., and Reuben D. Muldrow who is now assistant to the minister.

Our present deacons are: Chairperson Abraham Rouse, Jr., Vice-chairperson McIver Samuel, Dorothell Muldrow, Jerome Goodson, Ralph Brown, William Hudson, Lurline B. Jerry, Eddie Johnson, Joyce T. Rouse, Eugene Johnson, Jr., and Frederick Samuel.

Past, Present & Future

There are many others who toiled endlessly to build a foundation for us to continue working in faith. Many of their expressions, ideas, and beliefs are still living with us and linger near and dear to our hearts. Cherry Grove had a glorious past, is experiencing a divine present, but we look forward to a bright future.