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Senior Missionary

The purpose of the Senior Missionary Ministry is to aid in helping to care for those in sickness and distress through prayer, visitation, and service and be ready to win the lost and reclaim those out of fellowship.


The purpose of the YWA Ministry is to provide spiritual fellowship for young women (ages 18-45), to engage in ministry to the church and in the community, and to work jointly with the Senior Missionary Ministry. They are to care for their fellow sisters and brothers in Christ, visit the sick, help win souls, and to pray for one another at all times.

Willing Workers 

The objective of a willing worker is to help persons in need, contribute spiritual strength, provide guidance, to be a peacemaker, to exalt (praise) others, and most of all to be a laborer in the harvest to win souls.

Pastor’s Aid

The Pastor’s Aide ministry is designed to provide supplementary support to the Pastor and his family. The goal is to show appreciation to the pastor for his leadership and spiritual guidance in the church.